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Home Care of West GA, LLC, dba Prosper Home Care, is pleased to announce the new and improved Paid Time Off (PTO) plan.

PTO is available to all employees who have worked for Prosper Home Care for at least 6 months.  PTO is earned on an accrual basis and is available for employees to use in certain situations. 

In this document, we will answer the most asked questions by employees about PTO.  If you have any questions that are not covered in this document, please contact your supervisor for more information.

Question #1:

When do I start accruing PTO?


PTO begins accruing once you have worked for six (6) months.


Question #2:

Do I have to make a request to start accruing PTO?


No.  You will automatically start accruing once you are eligible.


Question #3:

At what rate do I accrue PTO?


PTO accrues at the rate of 0.023 hours per hour worked.

Example 1:  You work 40 hours per week.  Each week you will earn 0.92 hours PTO per week. 

Example 2: You average 30 hours per week for 6 months.  The total accrual for that six months would be about 16.5 hours of PTO.

Question #4:

How do I know how many PTO hours I have?


PTO balances are listed on your paystub.  Log in to the NetChex Website and look for Accruals to view the balance available.


Question #5:

How do I request to use some of my PTO hours?


You must complete a time off request form from the office or go to and complete the form online.  With the written form, make sure you check the box next to “Use PTO.”

Question #6:

Do I have to give two week notice to use PTO hours for an absence?


Yes.  Time off requests submitted with less than two weeks notice will not be eligible for PTO with the following exceptions:

  1. Death in your immediate family

  2. Sudden significant illness of yourself or a member of your immediate family

  3. Scheduled shifts cancelled due to client being out of home

To ensure that your request is received in a timely manner, we require the employee to complete a time off request form online.  Handwritten requests will not be accepted.  Computers are available at the Prosper office if needed.

Go to  Click on the FORMS tab and choose Time Off Request.


Question #7:

I do not want to take time off work but would like to get extra money by using my PTO.  How do I do this?


You can’t.  You must take time off work to use PTO.  Prosper Home Care will not “pay out” the hours.  You also must be scheduled for shifts.  If you are not scheduled to work on a day that you are requesting off, PTO will not be paid.


Question #8:

Do my accrued hours reset each year?


No.  PTO hours do not reset at the end of each year.  However, hours cap out at 50 and once you reach 50 hours, no more PTO will accrue.

Question #9:

I have resigned from Prosper Home Care and want my PTO hours on my last check.  How do I do that?


Prosper Home Care will not “pay out” PTO hours.  Once your employment is terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily, the hours accrued are forfeited.


Question #10:

I do not think my PTO hours are right on my paystub.  Who do I contact?


Send an email to the payroll manager at  Please understand that calculating PTO hours is not an easy process and the staff will need time to research.  If you call in, you will not get an answer right then.


Question #11:

I have capped out at 50 hours and just used 20 of them.  Do I have to use all hours to start accruing again?


No.  Hours will begin to accrue again as soon as your balance is under 50.

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